Thursday, January 6, 2011


-More 18-24-year olds watch a full TV show episode online in a given week (50%) than play an online game (37%), according to an AP-MTV poll conducted by Edison Media.

-The installed base of new Apple TVs was on track to cross the one million mark during the week ending Dec. 26, according to Apple.

-“Avatar” has the dubious distinction of being the most illegally downloaded film of 2010, with 16.6 million downloading the film via BitTorrent services alone, reports TorrentFreak via Digital Media Wire.

-25% of kids aged 6-12 expect to have a new Nintendo DS within the next six months, according to Nielsen.

-19 million users of social game apps designed for Apple’s iOS spend more than 22 minutes a day with them, representing an aggregate market larger than the audience of NBC’s “Sunday Night Football,” according to Flurry.

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