Monday, January 31, 2011


-38% of men and 46% of women secretly wish they could throw out items their significant other keeps on display, reports HomeGoods.

-Consumers (36%) most commonly buy their specialty foods at specialty food stores, though 20% find them at standard supermarkets and 14% buy them from restaurants, according to Mintel.

-40% of leisure travelers are planning to stay in a vacation rental home in 2011, up from 33% who did so in 2010, finds TripAdvisor.

-75% of teens have a profile on Facebook, and 27% of those say they access the site continuously throughout the day, says Ipsos.

-65% of workers who have an employer-provided cell phone say that device is a smartphone, compared to 32% of personal cell phone owners whose devices are smartphones, reports TNS.

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