Thursday, February 17, 2011


-The average online video viewer watched 201 videos during December 2010, a 20% increase from December 2009, according to comScore.

-During January 2011, the average online video viewer spent more than four and a half hours watching online video streams (279 minutes). That’s a 44.5% increase from January 2010, Nielsen reports.

-Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” single sold 448,000 downloads in its first three days of availability (ending Feb. 13), representing the third-largest debut sales week ever for a song, Billboard reports.

-In a Centris survey of 40,000 adults, 62% have either never heard of video-on-demand, never used it, or are unable to access such services (via Home Media Magazine).

-Sony’s online videogame subscription service, PSN Plus, now counts more than 100,000 monthly users, according to FADE.

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