Wednesday, November 11, 2009


-40% of 8-12 year olds are more likely to buy a product if a portion of the price goes to a cause they support, says C&R Research.

-90% of text messages sent by 8-12 year olds are directed to family and friends, reports Nielsen.

-Moms of those aged 10-12 are more than twice as likely as moms of kids aged 2-5 or aged 6-9 to "rarely or never" order off of the kids' menu (23% vs. 7% vs. 8%), according to Technomic.

-81% of college and university students say quality is the number one reason a tech brand or product is "cool," says OnCampus Research.

-38% of teens are willing to pay $15 a month for an online music subscription service, down from 46% from those who were willing to do so in the spring, finds Piper Jaffray.

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